Performance Chips

One of the easiest way to make better performance of your vehicle is to choose a performance chip.

Performance chips Designed to control the physical operation of your Dodge's engine, the aftermarket chip is able to give your powerplant more horsepower and to reduce fuel consumption, as well as make your driving comfortable and smooth, even if you have a good gas mileage.

This electronic accessory helps prevent the damage of your car's engine as it displays all the options on the screen alarming you about the problems. The main function of the chip is to send commands to your vehicle's computer. The chip gives you extra horsepower and torque than any other performance accessories available in the market. It features an easy-to-navigate menu, user-friendly buttons, and light sensitivity meter that automatically adjusts the brightness for better viewing.

Dodge performance chip is the affordable way to increase the power of your vehicle's engine. The benefit of the performance chip is the ability to connect via the Internet. The performance accessory is able to monitor up to eight parameters at a time. It displays diagnostic codes as well as records RPM, mph, and other. Don't waste time! Replace your factory chip with the performance one to give your vehicle an amazing performance it deserves.