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Power programmer is one of the types of performance chips that will become the interpreter for you in communication with your vehicle. Your everyday driving can become more efficient with programmer. The intelligent device is designed to be the power enhancer. The product revokes the stock calibrations inside the vehicle's on-board computer and monitors such processes as fuel supply to injectors and timing of the spark plugs. Due to the modes, developed and uploaded by the power programmer, your vehicle performance is substantially improved. The engine gives more power and runs more efficiently. Moreover, many of power programmers can tune the vehicle engine to use octane on a regular basis instead of the usual 91 or higher fuel grade.

Unlike the control module that is used permanently, power programmer is a plug-and-play device. All you have to do is simply connect it to your OBD-II Port, located under the dashboard. The next step is a list of questions that you should answer. In this way the programmer receives the information about modifications, you have recently done to your vehicle, and power level, you want to have. The smart assistant properly evaluates your answers in seconds and uploads the relevant operating instructions to the on-board computer. The adjusted settings are kept in the memory of your vehicle's internal computer. So you can disconnect the device and put it away until you want to experience another modes.

The power programmer is a reliable assistant for truck or SUV owners as well. Using a power programmer will increase torque amount that results in greater towing capacity. It is also possible to decrease the temperature of cooling fans and adjust the transmission shift points.

SEO Performance Chips Engine Management Systems

Engine management systems do a great job for overall vehicle performance. With engine management system, installed on your vehicle, the engine will run efficiently and cleanly. This, in its turn, will result in the extended lifetime of the engine. The EMS or engine management system is a direct replacement for your vehicle internal computer. The product is designed to become a powerful brain with the main task to carry out the ongoing improvement of the systems.

With the help of EMS you can easily customize your vehicle to your driving habits. Engine management system is a self-contained custom-designed computer that controls the work of the engine. The computer fulfills the permanent examination of the data, which includes engine, temperature, speed and load. The device is constantly monitoring the right quantity of fuel and defining when the spark plug should fire for a cylinder.

The EMS is installed inside the engine compartment. The device uses the wiring of your stock on-board computer. Mounting is simple as A-B-C. All you have to do is to unplug the existing computer and connect the engine management system to the remaining wires. The system will immediately start receiving the data from all vehicle sensors. You can also monitor the way the systems on your car, truck or SUV perform. Simply connect the laptop to the installed unit. This makes it possible for you to view the performance as it is and to set the necessary adjustments.

SEO Performance Chips Control Modules

When it comes to bring your vehicle performance to a new level, control module is the right device to be installed. Control module is plugged directly into the vehicle electrical system and works as a barrier between the vehicle on-board computer and various sensors. The data, released by sensors, is naturally forwarded to the on-board computer. When you install the control module, it is the first unit to receive, read and analyze the messages, sent by sensors. Based on the results of the analysis, the module transfers the necessary commands with proper adjustments to the vehicle's computer. With the incorporated control module, you experience the on-going improvement of your vehicle performance. On the top of this the engine lifetime is increased.

Each module is manufactured to fit the exact vehicle's year, make and model. Making the relevant orders to the computer, the custom-programmed module considers the size of the engine, transmission type and size of originally installed tires. Moreover the control modules come in a range of power levels. The owners of the diesel powered vehicles are offered to choose the modules that feature in-cab monitors. They may display the engine gas temperature, turbo boost, RPM, acceleration and quarter mile time.

The control modules are designed to plug directly to the on-board computer of your vehicle. The installation requires no modifications. The kit includes all necessary instructions for proper mounting. The modules come with built-in wiring harness. In case you want to replace your existing control module with the latest one, the simplified process will require minimum time and efforts.

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