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Cars and trucks can be greatly tuned today. Modern car engines are controlled by computers. The computer has chip that controls the work of your engine informing how and when to adjust your vehicle's fuel-to-air ratio, timing, turbo boost, and many other things. In other words, the performance chip purpose is to control your engine's output, particularly in the area of fuel delivery.

Performance chips, also called superchips, are aftermarket chips that are designed to adjust vehicle's parameters to increase engine power and torque. The factory chip, installed in the vehicle, contains something that resembles a lookup table. It includes the data that tells the engine when and how to react under various circumstances.

Performance Chips Performance chips are able to increase your vehicle's performance reducing fuel consumption. With this accessory, you can add extra horsepower and torque and, therefore, enhance gas mileage. The performance chip can do wonders for your vehicle making it a true muscle car. You can quickly increase the performance of your passenger car or truck without efforts at an affordable price. Hidden under the hood, high performance chip creates noticeable changes in your vehicle.

Performance chips are easy to install, usually by replacing your original chip. They are specifically programmed for the vehicle's models, makes, and engine types.

There is a variety of manufacturers, such as Unitronic, GIAC, APR, Edge, Super Chips, Bully Dog, and REVO to name a few, that offer their customers chips, modules, and programmers to boost your vehicle's performance at an affordable price.

Chips have now become popular as they provide an easy and effective way to squeeze out more power from your vehicle. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, or what you use it for, the performance chip is the effective solution that you can choose to improve the power, fuel mileage, and torque of your car.

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We carry the largest selection of performance parts and chips that are manufactured to make performance for your vehicle better. Performance chips adjust vehicle's parameters controlling the engine's air and fuel ratio. Preformance chips It is the most cost effective way to add power and torque to your powerplant. Whether you want to save more fuel or get more muscles, browse our inventory and find the performance accessory for your car.

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